Hungenberg Produce engages in many sustainable practices in growing, harvesting, and packing our fresh produce. Consistently trying to improve and create better farming techniques. Hungenberg Produce’s goals are to keep the land fresh and fertile for growing vegetables for many years to come. To reach these goals, we install the following practices:

  • Improve pest control systems (with less chemical involved)
  • Reduce water output using pivot irrigation and furrow irrigation
  • Crop rotation and cover crops
  • Emissions tests and controls on equipment
  • GPS guidance to eliminate field overlaps
  • Recycling scrap metals
  • Recycling paper
  • Recycling cardboard boxes
  • No wax boxes used in our facility

Food Safety standards are of the utmost importance to our company. We certify all of our Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Good Manufacturing practices (GMP), Harvest Crew, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), Ranch, and Processing Practices with a Global Food Safety Initiatives (GFSI) Audit through PRIMUS LABS, FDA Standards, and USDA Standards.

Hungenberg Produce is Kosher Certified with the Orthodox Union (OU) for all of our carrots. Hungenberg Produce participates in many Farm to School programs to help provide a healthier range of snacks, and lunches for kids in Colorado and the surrounding states.

Important Notice: We DO NOT use any preservatives, Apeel, or any similar products on our carrots.